bonnettes micro professionnelles triangulaires impression 3 faces par PB Europe
Bonnettes micro professionnelles personnalisées
Bonnettes micro personnalisées Radio France

The printed professional microphone windshield

The micro windshield is a basic yet crucial accessory. it will help you produce more professional quality audio that will complement your footage. 
When you are recording ootdoors, the microphone windshields are used to block strong winds from hitting the microphone and causing unwanted noise, and in the studio, the microphone windshield helps to reduce breathing noise. But beyond this technical aspect, the printed professional microphone windshield is an original and effective communication medium. By customizing the windshield with your colors, logo or motto, this accessory becomes a real communication tool and a real added value for your company. Whether you are a media, a company, a sports club, a community, you will have a professional image and your communication will now have an impact.

The advantage of professional windshields is that you can absolutely customize everything.

Choice of the shape

Round, cylindrical, triangular or square with printing on 2, 3 or 4 sides or even totally personalized

Color choice

Determine the exact color of your windshield with precise color references

High-quality finish

The professional microphone windshields offers a high-end finish with a velvet look and feel. The flocked layer also has the advantage of enhancing the colours of the printing and improving the performance of the microphone windshield in outdoor use.

For an even more elegant solution, you can combine the microphone cup with a micro ring

Do not hesitate to also consult our range of budget micro windshields for tighter budgets.