Bonnettes micro economiques personnalisées
Bonnettes economiques
Bonnettes economiques studio
bonnettes micro economiques studio

Personalized economic windshields

Designed for either one-time events such as conventions, fairs, sports competitions, product launches or web TV, TV shows, the budget windshields offer great visibility and a low price.

Budget micro windshields are made from 2 pieces. 

For handheld microphones. They are available in 13 colors to choice. They are round and allow printing on 2 sides.

Outside dimensions of the windshield: 65mm in diameter and 80mm in height. 
Inner dimensions: 35-50mm in diameter and 70mm in depth. 
Suitable for Sennheiser MD42, MD46, EW series, Shure SM58, AKG D230 and almost all other handheld microphones.

 For studio microphones, they are available in 5 colors. A little larger than the handheld microphone windshields, they are round, they allow a two-sided impression.

Suitable for Rode Broadcaster, Procaster, Podcaster, NT1, Shure SM7, Neumann U89/87 and almost all other studio microphones.

Outside dimensions of the windshield: 70mm in diameter and 100mm in height. Inner dimensions: 40mm diameter and 80mm depth

Ideal for webTV, online media but also used as hand-held microphone windshield.

Do not hesitate to also consult our range of professional windshields and our microphone flags.